Who We Are


NeverDark is a consulting organization of communications and arts professionals, whose mission is to enable performing, literary, visual arts, and cultural organizations to leverage the power of information technology to develop and enrich their audiences.


e are writers, editors, designers, and web developers with over a century of experience in the communications profession–publishing, marketing, fundraising, advertising, and strategic planning. We are also actors, singers, musicians, dancers, poets, and painters who value our ability to practice our art and also maintain successful careers that rely on the creative skills we’ve developed through the arts.

Furthermore, we are fans, ticket buyers, subscribers, advocates, and donors to arts organizations of all kinds. And we value the role the arts play in our culture and in our lives.

As communications professionals, we see information technology as a tremendous opportunity for arts organizations, but we also know the challenges it can present. Our goal in forming NeverDark was to create an organization that can help manage your communications needs and maximize opportunities for engagement with your audience beyond the show and the season. We hope this website will give you some tips should you decide to go it alone, but we think you’ll see the value in letting our team handle it all for you.

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