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The Most Important Thing You Need to Do in 2017

14.12.2016 in Marketing The Arts

What if I told you your organization could receive $120,000 per year in free advertising? And what if I told you that on average, these ads would be seen over 400,000 times, generate 16,000 visits to your website and result in over 800 ticket orders...

How to Manage the 3 Kinds of Inactive Email Subscribers

Managing inactive email subscribers

22.11.2016 in Marketing The Arts

I think many of us are guilty of continuing to send email to people who haven't given any sign that they're interested in what we're sending. Here's what Chad White has to say at the Litmus blog: ...

Data Science for Dummies

Why marketers need to understand data science

25.08.2015 in Marketing The Arts

Yeah, yeah, I know. We marketers know that data is important, especially in the nonprofit sector where everything seems to hedge on things like audience demographics, patron experience, and donor retention. But I'm the first to admit that my eyelids start drooping the minute someone...