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Digital Marketing Plan & Analysis

We know arts and culture organizations struggle with digital marketing. It takes time to learn and manage, and the rules of the game change constantly. With all the other responsibilities your marketing team has, this is one that seems the least pressing and easiest to ignore. But with all the changes that mobile computing has had on society, you can’t afford to ignore it much longer. We wanted to create an affordable, robust solution specifically for arts & culture organizations, and we think we’ve got one that will work.

Other agencies are charging $25,000 and up for similar services, but our semi-automated process can give you the same results for the cost of one large cappuccino per day. I know it sounds crazy, but we think it’s important and we worked hard to make it affordable and justifiable to organizations of all sizes and budgets. And, because we incorporate Google’s AdWords grant into our package, we believe you will earn back 10-20 times our fee in the first year alone. Below is what you’ll get for all those cappuccinos:

Phase 1 – Analysis and Report

  1. Evaluate existing search engine rankings and optimization strategies (SEO)
  2. Evaluate website and social media analytics
  3. Evaluate ticket sales and donation funnels
  4. Evaluate search engine marketing (SEM) and social media marketing (SMM) metrics
  5. Evaluate local SEO and impact of online reviews (Yelp, Trip Advisor, Google Maps, and Facebook)
  6. Compare results to your peer institutions and competing businesses
  7. Produce full report for review and approval

Phase 2 – Plan and Measure

  1. Apply for your Google AdWords grant, configure your account, and monitor it per grant requirements for one year
  2. Create keyword lists and SEO tags customized to your organization
  3. Correct SEO deficiencies on your website and suggest additional content to meet goals
  4. Provide free social media content relative to your organization (2-3 posts per week)
  5. Determine Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and build reports that enable you to track your progress
  6. Train and mentor existing staff on digital marketing practices and ongoing changes
  7. Re-evaluate SEO and social media engagement results every 90 days