PatronManager Data Services


Let NeverDark help prepare your data for your new PatronManager system! We believe PatronManager is the best system available for arts and culture organizations to sell tickets, record donations, and execute marketing strategies to help grow and sustain your organization well into the future. We have been working with PatronManager clients for nearly five years, and we’ve seen the success that’s possible when an organization commits to using Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software.

But we’ve also seen some of the problems that occur because of poor data quality and a lack of understanding about to use that data to make informed management decisions. Data integrity is second only to the quality of your product in helping to keep current audiences engaged and helping to bring new audiences through the door. So as you’re considering making a significant organizational and financial investment in a top-notch CRM system such as PatronManager, it only makes sense to make an additional investment in the basic building blocks of that system: your data.

We know how to get your data in tip-top shape, but we also understand how to use that clean data to fully leverage all the reporting power of PatronManager. And because we’re involved with many PatronManager clients, we know first-hand some of the pitfalls to avoid and many of the best practices to embrace for maintaining your system going forward. There’s no better way to protect a PatronManager investment and to speed up user adoption throughout your organization than by starting out with data that’s clean, relevant, and custom tailored to your organization’s needs and expectations. 

NeverDark offers a full data conversion program specifically designed for organizations moving into PatronManager. This six-step process ensures that the Patron Technology team gets your data in the best possible condition and in the required format for a speedy, trouble-free upload into PatronManager. Contact us today for more information.

Data Discovery

We meet with your staff members to learn how they currently record data and how you use it to track organizational health and make business decisions. We also look at your existing dashboards and reports to ensure they will be recreated as closely as possible in PatronManager. For most organizations, a phone call or series of calls or video conferences will work fine and are included in our fee. For larger or more complex clients, we may require, or you may request, an onsite visit.

Data Extraction

Some organizations are adept at getting a full data export from their current system. We will advise you on what we will need and ask questions to be sure that your data exports correctly into a .csv or .xls spreadsheet file. Because you perform the extraction, there is no charge for this service. 

However, many organizations are unfamiliar with their systems and/or the documentation, or have suffered staff turnover that resulted in a loss of skills or understanding about how those systems work. If you would like us to extract your data, you will need to provide us with access to your current system. If your system is cloud-based, we may be able to access and extract your data from our office. If your system cannot be accessed remotely, we will need to visit your office to perform the extraction.

Data Formatting

First, we will provide you with our Data Style Guide, in which you will give us specific instructions about how you would like us to standardize your data in cases where there are multiple variants. For example, are your formal address names “Mr. and Mrs. John Doe” or “Mr. and Mrs. John and Jane Doe”? Do you use the word “and” or the ampersand symbol “&”?

When the Style Guide is complete, we will format a sample of your data into the correct format for import into PatronManager. You will then review the samples and approve the formats and styles before we fully apply the styles to all of your existing data.

Data Cleanup

In the course of working with your data, we will take necessary steps to ensure that your data formats are standardized and your records fully complete. When we find questionable records or records we believe may be duplicates, we will flag them for inclusion into a Questionable Data Report. You will review these records and provide instructions for how you’d like us to handle these issues, for example: add them as is, delete them, combine them, or edit them in some other way.

Data Upload

All data uploads into your PatronManager account are conducted by the Data Team at Patron Technology. We work hand-in-hand with them to ensure that custom fields, record types, and objects are created when necessary, and we will ensure that your new Page Layouts, Dashboards, and Reports meet your initial expectations, which will speed PatronManager adoption throughout your organization.

Data Analysis

Once your data is fully cleaned and your staff is trained in PatronManager, you might want us to conduct a data analysis to help illustrate ways to leverage PatronManager to help increase ticket sales, donations, and audience engagement. Depending on what system you migrated from, this could be the first time you’ve ever been able to see some important trends in your patron’s purchasing and donation habits. Many organizations learn things they never realized, which can expose opportunities to make immediate revenue gains across all departments and programs.