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Arts Management

If you spend more time managing your systems than managing  your organization, you’re not alone. Many organizations use at least three systems to manage their data, and because these systems don’t talk to each other, you never really get a 360 degree view of your organization’s health. That’s so 1990s! But we can help.

Let NeverDark show you how to consolidate your marketing, fundraising, and ticket sales operations into a single, unified system. Better yet, let us show you how this system could cost you nothing to use and actually save your money each year. Contact us today to find out how to put Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software to work for you.

Information Systems

Are you using the best technology in the best way to give your staff the information they need to do their jobs? Is your leadership getting a regular and accurate picture of how your marketing, ticket sales, and fundraising operations are performing? Have you fully leveraged your systems to optimize the benefits of the technology you have? We’ve got the best solution for Customer Relationship Management for organizations of all sizes.

Strategic Planning

Does your organization operate in the dark ages? Are your goals aligned with your current plan, and are you making progress toward those goals? Are your Board and staff leadership on the same page? Talk to us about guiding a strategic planning process that will engage your entire organization and lead your forward.

Board Member Training

Do your Board Members understand their role in the organization’s future? Are they representative of the audience you have and the one you’d like to acquire? Do you have the diversity you need, and are you using their diverse skills and experience to find solutions to challenges? Let us help you educate your leadership and suggest ways to build stronger relationships in their communities.

Ticket Pricing Analysis

Is your ticketing system giving you all the information you need about how, when, and why patrons are purchasing tickets or subscriptions? Are your ticket pricing policies maximizing the revenue from sales across all channels? Is demand pricing something you should consider? We can take a look at your history to help you chart a more profitable future.

Teambuilding and Education

Is your staff able to stay up on the latest professional developments in their field and in the arts and culture sector? Do they respect and understand how each area of your organization works to meet goals and objectives? Do young staff need mentoring and cross-training to become more focused and more efficient in their work? Talk to us about things that your peers are doing to attract and retain the best possible employees.

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