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Arts Marketing

At 10 minutes to curtain, how many people are reading the Playbill? Now how many are on their smartphones? And the older folks? They’re on the smartphones too!

We have proven and affordable techniques to reach these audiences where they live… on the website, in social media, in email, and through text messaging. Let us show you how. The consultation is free. Contact us today!

Marketing Analysis

What segments of your local community are missing, and why? How does your programming and pricing compare with other organizations in your area? What marketing approaches are working, and where can you get better returns on your marketing investment? We’ll give you the full picture of how you look and perform.

Online Marketing

Is your website optimized for search engines? Should you be advertising in digital media: Google, YouTube, Yelp? Are you producing content that your followers will share with their friends? We created an affordable Digital Marketing Package just for you!

Social Media Marketing

Are you on the right social networks for your audience? Are you using social media to reach potential audience members? Can hyper-targeted, social network advertising work for your organization? Get low-cost, high-visibility solutions to broaden your reach and get people talking.

Email Marketing

Is your email marketing as strong as it could be? Have you aligned the right message to the right segments at the right time? Do you have statistics you need to make adjustments and maximize your open rate and conversions? Let’s make sure you’re doing everything you can to generate the best return on your effort.

Website Design & Management

How is your website serving your patrons? Does it work well on all kinds of computers, phones, tablets? Are there ways to keep users on the site longer and lead more of them to purchase tickets or make gifts? We’ve got design and management solutions to make your website the jewel of your communications plan.

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