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Audience Development

It used to be that our education system delivered a new batch of dedicated and engaged audience members each and every year. But if you’re like most arts and culture organizations, you’ve seen that audience dwindle in the last decade. Even if you can get them in the door, getting them to return regularly has become more and more difficult. The competition for their time and money has become more intense with every passing year.

Using the power of new information technologies and the Internet, NeverDark can offer proven models for developing your audience through each step of the engagement process. From getting new patrons in the door and building their understanding, to deepening your relationship with them and getting them to return, we offer services to strengthen your audience on every step of the path. Contact us today to learn how we can help you get stronger, faster.

Donor Cultivation

Is is easy for you to get all the information you need about a donor with a click of a button? Can you tell where they are on your cultivation plan and what the next steps might be? NeverDark can work with your development team to identify strategies that enable them to work efficiently and effectively as they lead donors to greater levels of engagement with your organization.

Prospect ID & Research

Are you spending all your time focused only on current Major Gift prospects? Maybe you’re not researching small donors because of the cost or time, relative to what you expect they can give? If so, that’s exactly the strategy that has left many organizations with an aging donor base that, while generous, only has a short time left to give. Sure, finding new donors with large gift capacity might be like finding a needle in a haystack, but with today’s powerful data mining tools, we can often find that one individual in a thousand quickly and inexpensively. Let us show you how.

Online Fundraising

Is your organization still relying on the same old donors to sustain you? Are you still sending out print mailings hoping that one out of a thousand will send back a small gift? Are you aligning your asks with the capacity of each individual at the right time in the cultivation process? Online fundraising isn’t just about having a gift form on your website. It involves a systematic series of data-driven decisions that use email, online advertising, and social media to drive traffic to that page and convert that message to a financial contribution. Ask us for the results some of our clients are experiencing.

Campaign Planning

Are you looking at a major capital campaign to help strengthen or grow your organization? Is your Board ready for the challenge, and are they willing to follow your plan? Do you have a plan? We find that most organizations wait until the last possible minute to begin campaign planning, which usually results in not raising enough money in enough time. We’ve helped plan and execute several large capital campaigns using technology that enables you to monitor your progress and stay on track. But don’t delay. Your needs can’t wait, and neither will your donors.

Social Media Monitoring

Are you using social media effectively? Are you reaching the right people with the right message at the right time and place? It’s not enough to throw something on Facebook and hope for a response. You need to meet your patrons where they live and use the power of conversation to get your message beyond your fans, so that it reaches their friends and family. Word of mouth is still the most powerful growth strategy, and we’ve taken that strategy to the information age.

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